By _Who Owner - Posted Mar 10, 19

Hello fellow PokeSaga players!

I am pleased to finally bring everyone to the awareness of the PokeSaga revamp. In this update you will notice various amounts of changes ingame, on the discord app, branding, and the website.

Major Changelog:

  • New Spawn
  • New Shop
  • Bug Fixes
  • Permission updates and simplification
  • Shop Sale (40% OFF).   [VISIT SHOP]
  • Every purchase over 40$ in the online shop rewards you with a Random Legendary pokemon (16$ value[VISIT SHOP]
  • New Logo that represents the PokeSaga theme

Other Changes:

  • /kit freepokemon was removed
  • /kit freeheroic was added
  • /buildshop was added
  • /kit pixelmonplus was added exclusively for Pixelmon+ users (install modpack here)
    • Gives you a random amount of tokens from 10 to 30
  • Players now have access to /seen and /endbattle
  • Backend improvements
  • Preparing for vault saving performance improvements (timings reports being generated)

As we continue to implement smaller new features into the server, we will keep our announcements channel in the discord updated.

Thank you for your interest in PokeSaga and our staff really hopes you enjoy these improvements we have added to the server.

- _Who & the PokeSaga staff team