PlayerShops & Daily Rewards Update!

GHOST_Courage @ PokeSaga
- Posted Mar 25, 19

Hello fellow PokeSaga players!

We are happy to announce the debut to two big features! PlayerShops & Daily Login Rewards!

PlayerShops & The Mall!

  • /warp mall to access PlayerShops
  • Only allowed to rent 1 Plot per Player
  • Can build as high as you'd like, and as low as you'd like
  • Rentable plots for 100k, 75k and 50k depending on position
  • Rents expire after 1 Month
  • /info shop OR /ss info to see details on how to create your own PlayerShops!

Daily Login Rewards!

  • When you log on every 24 hours, a GUI will pop up
  • Rewards will continue to get better as you continue to login
  • If you miss a day, you'll be reset down to Day 1 Rewards
  • /dr show to see all available rewards

Minor Additions/Changes + Future Updates!

  • 50% sale changed to 25% sale
  • /glow added for Masters
  • Backend fixes
  • Legendary/Ultra Beast Spawns tweaked
  • PokeTeams updates
  • Much, much more
  • Updates to look forward to:
    • New Gyms [18 built by Dasscamper]
    • New Gym Rules
    • Battle Tower [NPC Run]
    • Elite Four [Player Run]
    • /warp comp revamp [built by Jurgen_YT]

The support for the server lately has been absolutely incredible, and we thank each and every one of you for making the PokeSaga community the best to exist! We are so excited to provide you with more amazing content, more features, and more amazing experiences in the near future.

Thank you,

    - GHOST & The PokeSaga Staff Team