Welcome to PokeSaga!

TheSilentEcho Owner posted Jul 31, 18

Welcome to PokeSaga!

After tireless days and nights, the PokeSaga developement team has the server ready for the public!


Custom Content List

  • Custom PokeBuilder
  • Built in Level System
  • Pixelmon McMMO
  • Player Gym System
  • Advanced Tutorials with Players
  • Lures & Incenses
  • Pixelmon EXP boosts
  • Primal Pokemon
  • Advanced Crates
  • Shiny Starters
  • Custom Cosmetics
  • And so much more!

IP: play.poke-saga.com

Modpack: Pixelmon Reforged (Newest Version)

Discord: https://discord.gg/A8jwtKS

We look forward to seeing everyone ingame soon!